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Network Advisory

05/16/2014 13:13

Technology Service Advisory - 5/16/2014 Type Of Service Advisory: Network Advisory Details: We are currently experiencing a service issue with our peering to Level 3. Technicians are aware...

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Technology Service Advisory

06/22/2012 09:15

Technology Service Advisory -- 6/22/2012 Type Of Service Advisory: Precautionary Service Affecting: No Anticipated Downtime: Zero (0) Minutes Details: Our Data Center has been notified by...

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Servers patched for Apache HTTP Denial Of Service Vulnerability

08/26/2011 14:35

Apache announced Apache HTTP Server CVE-2011-3192 Denial Of Service Vulnerability yesterday.  While there is no permanent fix there is a temporary patch which we have added to our servers....

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Prevo Network, LLC completes acquisition of

08/19/2011 02:00

Prevo Network, LLC has completed the acquisition of is a community based forum that focuses on things Michigan.  Travel, entertainment, things to do,...

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Weekly Uptime Report Aug 08, 2011 - Aug 14, 2011

08/16/2011 13:21

Prevo Network LLC servers are monitored by     Monitoring Location: US Test Name Type Tag Uptime(%) Avg Resp Time(ms)...

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We have relaunched

08/02/2011 18:19

While the Prevo Network never really went anywhere, we have been a closed business to the public for the past 5 years.  Now after being closed to the public at large for awhile, we are back.  ...

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