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Servers patched for Apache HTTP Denial Of Service Vulnerability

08/26/2011 14:35

Apache announced Apache HTTP Server CVE-2011-3192 Denial Of Service Vulnerability yesterday.  While there is no permanent fix there is a temporary patch which we have added to our servers.

Here is the discussion with Cpanel, our control panel provider..

Here is the announcement that was put out by Apache.

What is Apache?

The Apache HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache, is web server software notable for playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web. In 2009 it became the first web server software to surpass the 100 million website milestone.  Apache was the first viable alternative to the Netscape Communications Corporation web server (currently known as Oracle iPlanet Web Server), and has since evolved to rival other web servers in terms of functionality and performance. Typically Apache is run on a Unix-like operating system.

More info on Apache here...

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