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Can I use a live CHAT script?
We frown on the use of chat scripts, however we will allow them to be used as long as your...
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Can I use International domains like .ca?
Yes. Our linux/apache web servers accept virtually all International domains and are entered on...
Views: 1846
Can I use online forms?
Yes. You can use contact forms, order forms, information gathering forms, and any other kind of...
Views: 1861
Can I use scripts which require SSI?
Yes. Our servers are pre-configured to include Server Side Includes (SSI) for many cgi scripts...
Views: 1988
Can you install a forms script for me?
We normally rely on you to service your own web site to keep cost down, however we will be more...
Views: 1950
Do I receive a private cgi-bin?
Yes!.   Our Cpanel servers have cgi included, it is required that your CGI scripts be placed in...
Views: 1952
Do we receive a handy "catch all" POP3 mailbox address?
Yes there is a deafualt catch all mailbox, that would be the mailbox of the main site username....
Views: 1950
How can I modify the hosts file on my PC?
Try to locate any existing hosts file on your computer: Windows 95/98/Me...
Views: 1908
How do Clients contact you directly if needed?
Standard electronic mail is suggested.  We request active Clients submit a ticket with us...
Views: 1976
How do I FTP files to my web server?
  Select any popular FTP application available on the internet for either a PC or MAC computer....
Views: 1899
I tried to FTP in my files and could not gain access?
Ensure your FTP software was attempting to access your file server using the following method:...
Views: 1921
What are my POP3 e-mail configuration settings?
  (incoming) POP3 Mail Server:* (outgoing) SMTP Server Address:...
Views: 1923
What are the paths as required by some unix based cgi-scripts?
/usr/bin/perl  (path to perl) /usr/sbin/sendmail  (path to sendmail) /usr/bin/time (path to...
Views: 1912
What if I need more POP3 Mailbox accounts?
All Cpanel sites come with unlimited mailboxes.
Views: 1898
What is Multisite hosting?
This option makes it possible to run more than one website through one cpanel account. It’s...
Views: 3094
What's the difference between a POP Mailbox and POP Forward e-mail?
A POP mailbox actually stores mail for your domain on our mail servers. A Username and Password...
Views: 1934
When can I start using E-mail?
This depends how soon your domain name is registered and listed with our name server info. You...
Views: 2060
When does our sites become public?
Only after the site domain name is processed and pointed to our web servers by the Registration...
Views: 1926
Where do I upload my files?
Each hosting plan includes an individual file server where your html and graphics files, cgi, and...
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